Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wedding Absence Candles

Hello my little weddings wonders.......

Today I thought I would let you know about  wedding absence candles 

Absence candles, what are they I hear you say

In my years of making personalised candles I must say that these have always been really popular, for those of you whom have lost a loved one the lighting of an absence candle during your wedding / partnership is a really special moment

It is a lovely way of including a loved one or loved ones and remembering them.

weatherproofed version

This particular candle was also made weatherproofed as the couple placed on their loved ones graveside after their wedding.

As with all of my candles these can be customised to incorporate your colours and any theme you have by using a variety of ribbons, from sheers to velvets to lace!
Diamante butterfly absence candle
Finishing touches make your candle all the more personal, flower additions, calla lily, rose buds and diamantes

Diamante heart with velvet trim

These personalised candles are also able to have a photo, maybe you would like a photo of your loved one, or a special image that brings back memories
Include your wedding / partnership date on these with your names, a lovely keepsake

Customer photo

Each couple choose to use their absence candle in different ways, some have a remembrance table, or light a candle during the speech's , how ever you choose to remember your lost loved one it will be a special and unique part of your day

Wedding absence candles are here 

Any questions please do get in touch

Martina x

Customer image
Thank you Louise x


  1. My candle (the last one on this page) was lit at the start of our ceremony
    And stood beside the pictures of my loved ones that should have been there.
    We then took the candle and pictures to our reception venue and they burned all
    Through the speeches. I now light my remembrance candle on their angel days.
    Thank you Martina. I love your work x

  2. what a lovely idea, when Andy & I got married we would have loved something like this on display, its a happy time but you want a little somethting to remind you of the peeps that couldnt be there, especially as we had both lost our dads at a young age. Gorgeous!
    Nice new blog zx

  3. Louise x thank you for the image and the kind words xx

    Debs - a blog baby I am but will try to bring you interesting reads x

  4. Have popped in from Twitter, what an absolutely wonderful idea and very beautiful candles they are too! They must bring great comfort to those who have them.