Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Wedding / Civil partnership Candles

Thought I would write a post about weddings! it is leap year 29th Feb today so quite appropriate!

I always have lots of question regarding my wedding collection, essentially this post will be showing you 
Unity Candles 

I have also been lucky to have received feedback and images from customers which I will share 

What are wedding unity candles? 

A set of personalised candles a middle pillar (unity) candle and 2 side taper (dinner type) candles
The unity pillar is personalised to include the names of the couple, date of service and a short verse
The taper candles again have the names of the couple OR family surnames depending on whom is using the taper candles to light the unity pillar

"The lighting of these candles is said  to symbolise the joining together of the two families, and their love for the bride and the groom, into one united family that loves the new husband and wife.
 More often it is to symbolise the union of two individuals, becoming one in commitment.

As the bride and groom use these two flames to light the unity candle, they bring the love of both families together in a united love of the new couple. 

 The popular explanation is that the taper candles are lit by representatives from each family to symbolise the love and allegiance that each family has for either the bride or the groom
Some couples may like to include their children in this part of lit taper candles lighting the main unity pillar
It is thought that the middle unity candle is then kept as a keepsake and re lit each year on the wedding anniversary"

Kerry & Robs 2009 Cruise ship wedding

Serenella was based in Rome, she contacted me to make her candles for her wedding in Ireland
She wanted a celtic twist incorporating a pattern from the waist band of her wedding dress (just visible on this image)

Taken just for me!!! how kind of this lovely couple to think of showing me their candles

Lighting of the candles 

Julie & Robs Candle lit ceremony
Julie sent me these wonderful images of her special day to demonstrate how wonderful candle light looks
I agree! stunning

Beautiful Beautiful image Julie xx

Circle of Love Candles incorporating the couples children's names also 

Lighting of the candles
So I hope you like my images and brief over view of Unity Candles
As you will see they can be used at any point of your day, depending on where you may be having your service these can be incorporated to make a really nice symbolic moment

Please share this post if you have enjoyed, or if you have a friend that may like to have a look!

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I will be updating a new post very soon, please leave a comment if there is something you would like me to cover


Friday, 24 February 2012

Piamichi Launch Event

Ooooh my 

I was super lucky to be invited to the launch of the piamichi prom 2012 collection,
 held at the Millenium Hotel Mayfair no less!

Designers and manufacturers of Exclusive Couture and Boutique Dresses. Wholesale and Retail refer to website.
 All Celebrities are wearing genuine Pia Michi

I came into contact with Penny @ Piamichi , I made some candles for the event, there was also an auction and raffle held for Barnados children's charity, and so the madness began.
 What do I wear, I have no make up, OMG who is that lady in the mirror staring back at me? She needs serious make up and help!!! Diet, no time - muffin top NOOOOO the whole bakery 
Called on my friend Claire to come with me, she happens to work at M&S  - support hold your tummy in pants ...... yes winner I thought, sadly no as it has to go somewhere heheheh so managed by breathing in for most of the night (sorry but come on ladies we have all be there???  ) 

The whole event just took over my life, and the poor hubby who was forced to join in on my roller coaster of fashion crisis and needing shoes, a bag a dress ....... it goes on and on. Along the way I met my new twitter bestie, Sappho aka sparkling rings. Many a night tweeting and joking discovering we had a few things in common, then I found out she was also going to the launch, very exciting!

Lovely bling sent from the lovely Sappho to wear to event!!
I have NEVER been sent a lovely little gift and could so get used to all the glam 

All to match the frock - we did joke as hubby said my dress was very 'Pat Butcher'
Sappho sent some apt 'Pat' earrings
Yes........ he did get a gentle dig at dress comment 

My dress , a silk number from Monsoon then needed shoes, found these gorge sparking shoes from Dune - managed to walk in them! I am 100% crocs and Ugg's - so not rock and roll or glam at all
Sparkling shoes

Jewel detail to dress

Sparkling toes using models own purple haze glitter varnish
Alongside the raffle donation for the event I made some promotional candles, Piamichi, Inanch , Millenium Hotel and OK Magazine 

I mentioned before the make up crisis, found a super lovely lady via her you tube Channel 
Katie make up artist, she gives the most amazeballs videos and tutorials and is so helpful 
She helped me sort the eye bags hehehhee 
Here is her you tube channel 
Beauty and the Boutique - facebook 
Katie is so helpful go and say hello 

Here we go Katie me looking 'mean' but minus dark circles hahahaha

I used Bobbi brown eye concealer & corrector, another fav was benefit high beam and the new Garnier BB Cream 

The night arrived, huge excitement. When we arrived there were loads of paparazzi flashes going off everywhere (not for us though!) I met lots of great people and had too much wine

Fave meets had to be Sam Fox & Daniella Westbrook - lovely ladies & super friendly 

As some of you may or may not know I made some candles for Amy Childs (TOWIE) It was nice to say hi to her too "Hi I am the candle lady was my best intro" bound to leave a lasting impression 

I mentioned before there was a raffle and also an auction on the night, not to mention a fashion show which after all was the launch! amazing dresses amazing models who had all been styled beautifully 

My OK Candles

Raffle prizes and more of my candles 

Goody Bags!!!! 

Catwalk models

Josie Gibson of Big Brother 'modelling a candle' sorry for the awful pic of moi with eyes shut
Towards the end of the night and after many wines, my friend and I staggered to the red carpet (which had been rolled up) had our backdrop photos, had a chat with the lovely Tricia Penrose (Gina from Heartbeat) she told us of the double dress dilemma of the night when Amy Childs and her arrived in the same dress! My husband and eldest son came to collect us, again Tricia obliged and had a group pic!

In all an awesome night really had a great time, would LOVE to go to these events more often, such fun 
A welcome break from being mum 

I will leave you with goody bag treats, more bling from Sparkling Rings 

The Holly necklace and a sparkly ring 

Go say hello to Sappho say Pat Butcher sent you 


Goody bag hair care and make up by Sue Moxley
Did meet sue and Hubby David Van Day at the event - she is super glam 

Back to the real world now with a bump

Thanks to Penny I did have a ball!!



Thursday, 2 February 2012

Wedding Absence Candles

Hello my little weddings wonders.......

Today I thought I would let you know about  wedding absence candles 

Absence candles, what are they I hear you say

In my years of making personalised candles I must say that these have always been really popular, for those of you whom have lost a loved one the lighting of an absence candle during your wedding / partnership is a really special moment

It is a lovely way of including a loved one or loved ones and remembering them.

weatherproofed version

This particular candle was also made weatherproofed as the couple placed on their loved ones graveside after their wedding.

As with all of my candles these can be customised to incorporate your colours and any theme you have by using a variety of ribbons, from sheers to velvets to lace!
Diamante butterfly absence candle
Finishing touches make your candle all the more personal, flower additions, calla lily, rose buds and diamantes

Diamante heart with velvet trim

These personalised candles are also able to have a photo, maybe you would like a photo of your loved one, or a special image that brings back memories
Include your wedding / partnership date on these with your names, a lovely keepsake

Customer photo

Each couple choose to use their absence candle in different ways, some have a remembrance table, or light a candle during the speech's , how ever you choose to remember your lost loved one it will be a special and unique part of your day

Wedding absence candles are here 

Any questions please do get in touch

Martina x

Customer image
Thank you Louise x

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Here we are..........

Hello there

So I managed facebook, over came my twitter fears and now (sound menacing music) blogging!!
I am aiming to blog twice a month, maybe more depending on what new finds and trends I come across - and more honestly when life allows me the time to write to you all 

As some of you may, or may not know here at candle central we cater for many occasions with our personalised range, so I aim to dedicate blog days to show you!

Alongside personalised - there is the yummy scented which truth be told I wish there was scratch and sniff to let you smell the delights. I class the scented ranges as my fun and sensible sides and then there are the cute themed candles......... oh I can tell this may become my new addiction

Bear with me on my blogging journey, I am a blogging baby!

I am going to dissapear into a blog mist now and figure out how to keep you updated

Martina xx